[Solved] Platformer falling animation freezes for a few frames

Hello, I started making a platformer using the default behavior, and soon noticed that there’s an issue with the falling animation where it looks like the animation freezes for a few frames after finishing the jump animation before the falling one actually kicks in.
I did some trials with numbered frames to check where exactly is the problem, and it turns out that after the jump animation finishes, the falling animation starts, but it pauses for a brief time on the first frame before playing the rest, as you can see in this GIF:

Is there any workaround for this? Or is this a known issue with the platformer behavior that can’t be fixed, since it looks like I can’t edit it (I mean editing the extension, not the behavior’s properties, I tried playing around with those and nothing changed this issue)

Thanks in advance!

Can you give screen shots of the events that change the animations?

Yeah I wanted to, but just could post one image at a time and didn’t wanna double post haha. Here are my events, just the very basic stuff:

Can you try adding a trigger once to each of the first 4 event conditions?

Double posting is when you post 2 threads about the same thing. Making multiple posts within a thread would be the clever thing to do :smiley:

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AH! It works, thank you! I included the trigger originally but had some weird issue with the animations, and I tried deleting the trigger condition before I realised the ‘is on floor’ condition was the solution, and then I forgot to re-add the trigger.

This fixed it, thanks!