[Solved] - Player Character rapidly switching between idle and running animations

My in game character is getting the jittering problem Im am new to Gdevelop so many terms will not make sense to me as im just making a game because i had a cool idea and time to do it. I had looked everywhere for a way to fix the glitch but i have not seceded is there anything new there is to fix this problem.

ik this has something to do with the camera following but just 3 hours befor i hopped back on Gdevelop the problem wasn’t showing.
if you can give me a way to have the camera in the characters area or still following then Player but without this problem.

this feels like an email to someone important. and idl why i wrote that

Sorry, been here years and I don’t know what you mena by famous jittering player problem. There has been different issues over the years woth bad camera events or collision setups, but nothing I can think of as a single repeated issue that would be seen as jittering.

Can you upload a video somewhere and/or link an example of what you are seeing?

Folks will be able to better assist once they can see what you are experiencing.

dont know how to do the video thing right now but i can describe it to you

one my player stoped moving it just starts shaking as if it is suppper cold up and don up and down really fast

i had researched on it 20 min ago but i found nothing that fixed it

  1. Is the player character animated?
  2. What behaviours have been added to the player character object?

it in fact is it has a run and standing animation and a soon to be added jump and dash as well
and the behaviours are coyote jump(double jump) horisontal dash and wall jump from one of the platform extensions

So no platformer character or physics?

i dont think so but i did realize it is purely to do with the animations as i turned everything except the animations off and it still was shaking
bu ti will try the character physics

it seems that i have platformer character already on the object and its fine when moveing but once i stop the character it cant chose standing animation or running and it stands there shaking

Check the hitboxes and origin points are the same for all frames of the idle/standing still animation.

Lets gooo it worked im so exited it didn’t allow me caps but im so happy right no

now i can comtinue with my game

now i just need to know how to change jump hight

i also need to know why when now that i added the dash animation once i start walking right after i dash the animation keeps playing

What did you do to make it work? It’d be good to know in case anyone else comes across this post with a similar problem.

Which animation. Can you provide a screen snip of the events around the dashing and walking?