[SOLVED] Player Feels "Slippy" on only one side

When I make my player jump on the right and when the jump is over running to the left, it works well (same problem I can air control my jump doing left/right when i jump to the right but not to the left),
But on the other side, the player feel slippy

However the Deceleration is 10000, the speed is 160 and the acceleration is 1500 (Its the parameters from the Platform Character behavior so it applies for both sides)

My code is identical to both sides, points have been edited so there is no differences, and the collisions masks too…

I dont know what code I should put here to help you, so feel free to ask me ! :slight_smile:

Here is a video where you can see the problem ( check the comment section of this topic for further informations) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3uFyiPmYxIk

Perhaps it’ll help if you add a short video of what you are describing and tell in text/graphics what you expect. The members can suggest a solution for that.

Yeah totally imma link a video :slight_smile: thanks for the idea :slight_smile:

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So here is a video where i show the problem, as you can see in some jump the animation “Run_Right” feels slippy when I just go Right after the jump ( It do the same on the “Run_Left” but it’s less visible :slight_smile:

link : Playable SA-X Part 6 - The Undesired Slippy Animation - YouTube

I was going frame to frame and I noticed that sometimes the character changed direction while in the air. IDK if that’s intentional but that could throw off the look. The character also didn’t always crouch when it landed. (I’m wondering if the crouching was actually an unfinished spin) (FYI: in YouTube you can pause and use < and > to advance frame by frame)

If you’re using separate animations for the left and right moves instead of using the flip action then I think when the animation switches in air, it throws the animation out of sync.

Hey, yes it intentional because it’s when the player Air control the jump and change direction thet the run animation become slippy

I dont use “flip action” since it’s asymetrical sprites, so both are distinct animations ^^

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