[Solved] Player footstep sounds multiplying and can't stop before the sounds finally loads into the scene


Hello, I have been stuck with a problem that I’ve been trying to fix with my 3D game for ages. So, when the scene has just started, some sound and music files takes around 3 seconds to load into the scene and finally be able to play, but before the footstep sounds loads when the Player presses more than 1 directional walking key or spamming the same directional walking key before the footstep sounds loaded, and after the footsteps sounds finally loaded it just multiplies and can’t stop even with the “Trigger once” and “Stop the channel” script. The multiplied footstep sounds plays independently while the normal footstep sounds works fine, but both of them get stacked. However, if I just walk straight with only pressing 1 directional movement until the footstep sounds finally loaded it wont have any single problem. What should I do to be able to fix it?

What is the expected result

The footstep sounds wouldn’t multiply after the sounds finally loaded.

Related screenshots

First, try preloading the sounds as the action of an event with ‘At the beginning of scene’ condition:


If that still doesn’t solve your issue, try using a condition to check a sound is being played on a channel before playing a sound on it:

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Thanks for replying this quick! I’m going to try this later cause right now I really need to go to the toilet :sweat_smile:

Looks like the first method didn’t work and for the second one, where do I actually place it? Sorry if I’m asking you too much

It should do. Can you screen shot how you’ve used it?

As a condition for each of the events that have a play sound as their actions.

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Is this the correct way of using it?

I fixed it! All I did was just to invert all the “Sound on channel is being played” scripts and it works! TYSM!!!

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