(SOLVED)Player Simulate Control

Hi! I would like to know if there is a way to simulate controls when a player enters and exits a level kind of like sonic where he run a few pixels at the beginning of a level before the zone name appears and in the end runs out after scores are added?

Sure. Ensure you’re using one of the of the behaviors like Platform Character behavior.
Then do whatever events you want at the end of the level, and just use the action “Simulate pressing Right for YourObjectNameHere”

Okay i see, so what about in the beginning of the level how do you simulate control to a point and then give control to the player

I was thinking the first sonic game on sega

I mean, you would do the same idea. Simulate pressing the button. You’ll need to figure out if you’re going to do timers, or other events, to figure out your “starting cutscene” style movement.

This is what i made but the player kept going,
Is there something like an event action that stops control simulation. Kind of like a key release??

I recommend to add a Global variable like g_player_can_move at the begin = 0 then after the timer reach x sec set the g_player_can_move to 1
On each event that it refers to your player movement add if g_player_can_move = 1 do movements.

Thanks I tried your suggestion and it worked