SOLVED Player walks through everything

So I have an object group called Colliders it has everything including players and I made it so they separate from each other (I’m also using Bounce extension) and the player just walks through everything what am I doing wrong?

If it means anything tints and the flash extension are broken for my player as well


  1. In your action you move Colliders away from Colliders, but you want to move the Player.
  2. The bounce behavior won’t work here. It only applies if you move the object around with forces.
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I don’t know if separate objects or bounce work with groups.

When I tested separate objects with a group and a group it didn’t work completely . It seems to keep one instance from overlapping from an instance of the same object but not instances of different objects. I’m guessing it either doesn’t check every possible scenario or it can’t tell which is which.

Using separate group from player works for me. So, try removing the player from the group list and use separate the group from the player or vice versa.

I didn’t test bounce. It could be the same.

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