[SOLVED] Possibly broke my own health system?

Tried the several ways I know of displaying the character’s current health via the Health extension and they all seemingly return as 0, even though it was supposed to be set to 3. Have I broken something? Have I missed something?

Hi, I have no experience using the health extension and displaying its value to a text object. By looking at your events I just notice that you assign Knight.Health::Health() to the object variable HealthValue. But you don’t use this variable in Health_Display. So did you try to display Knight.VariableString(HealthValue)?

Forgot to mention I tried that already, didn’t seem to do anything.

I just realized that you don’t need the variable, this is how you can display the health:

I also just noticed that in your events (image no. 3) you are in the condition column, so you are trying to compare the text instead of displaying it. You need to go to the action column and change the text of your text-object to the value of the health function (as in my example).

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Ah, that’s what I missed! Must’ve had a brain fart, worked on some of this late at night, lol.