[SOLVED]Printing a string variable puts an unwanted 0 infront

Hello, I want print a word letter by letter as it is typed but but when the first letter is printed it prefixes it with a 0.
This for a typing game.


Any help appreciated and feel free to call me out on improper syntax as I basically dont know anything about programming:grin:

I haven’t the time now to check if it’s true, but you might want to check what kind of variable vartext is.
If it’s a string with a value of 0, then the problem is that the variable isn’t empty, but has “0” in it. Try making it “” (nothing inside the quotes.) Oh, and make sure that it’s a string. You should be able to choose the kind of variable at the right of its name.

Otherwise, you might have to use an event to erase the leading 0.


Aha the variable wasnt empty… Giving it the value as just “” fixed it.
Thank you!