[SOLVED] Printing numerical values in fixed notation


We had this problem in the past and managed to fix it. However, it’s back again. The problem is that we have a variable called funds and when it reaches 1000000 or any number with more than 6 zeros, GDevelop converts it to scientific notation (1e+006). Is there a way to print numerical values in fixed notation?

Thank you in advance!

There’s another function to convert from large numbers to string without this problem :

Hey Victor,

We tested your suggestion but LargeNumberToString(#) only worked with the “Modify the text” event. The problem is that when the cursor hits the button it changes the global variable and GDevelop stores the value in scientific notation if it reaches 1000000 or any number with more than 6 zeroes.

It doesn’t store the value as scientific notation, it just shows it that way.

In the event 246, try the expression:

"$" + LargeNumberToString(GlobalVariable(Loanamount))

We just figured that when testing Lizard’s suggestion. Thanks for clarifying.

Nice work! We tested the code and it solved the issue. Thank you both for your contributions to this forum.