[Solved] Problem exporting to Android

Hi guys! I’m trying to export an update to my game, but when i put in “package for android” it loads everything as it should be, but it doesn’t end, it loads endlessly with a “should finish soon” message. Any idea about what is happening?

no. try to package it manually (export to platform android and ios manually in a new folder, zip the content of the folder and upload on phonegap build)

I’ve never tried it before, i don’t know if it’s going to work.
About my statement above, i managed to export today 1 time, but the second time it happened.

well without a subscription you have a limited amount of times you can upload a day.

That’s right, should be two :thinking:

Try to close GDevelop, reopen it and go “see all my builds” to check if the build has been processed.
Otherwise, try again when you can, and let us know.
The daily limit is technically per 24-hour period (it’s not reset at midnight).

Thank you, Gruk. I waited and tested just now, it worked, i don’t know exactly what happened yesterday, but today it all worked, thank you very much!

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