[Solved] Problem Jumping despite sprite is on floor. Help!

Hello all!
This is my first post.
I am making an infinity runner game. It is played on static screens (without scroll) and the player can change direction of the movement at some places. The player is always moving.
My problem is: when the player is near the end of the platform (but has part or more than half of the sprite on it) i can’t make it jump. It is the same problem when it moves direction right or left. It only happen when it is near the end of the platform. The tube has a platform object with platform behaviour.
The sprites are small (16x16 pixels).
I attach a screen. I dont know what to do… Any ideas

check both the player and the platform hitbox. maybe it seems the player is on the platform, but it isn’t. and check the “ledges can grabbed” option, and unselect it.

Thank you!!! It worked.

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