[Solved] Problem of delay in music or audio in mobile devices


After searching the forum I found some topics in reference to the audio or music problem, I tested some of the solutions pointed out in them …
But none worked.

Would anyone have any other solution? If possible, please post a screen with an example of how I can apply the solution.

Thanks for listening !!

From the wiki:

Is this issue on a web-based HTML5 game? If so:

Many modern browsers prevent audio/video from automatically starting when a page is loaded. They require some sort of user interaction with the page (such as a click/tap) for the media to start playing. This is to prevent spam/ads/annoyance with users. Desktop browsers usually have a way in their Settings for a user to give permission for specific websites to do this, but most mobile browsers do not. So, audio in a GDevelop game on mobile will not start until the user interacts with the screen in some way.

Thank you for your help.