(SOLVED)Problem with an animation change

I’m trying to make it so when one animation finishes a different one starts but the previous one repeats instead, please help me to fix it.
Under certain conditions an animation is played, next I tried putting "animation of “object” is “1"”
and “if animation of “object” is finished” then "set animation of "object to “2"”.
But animation “2” just repeats even though it’s not on loop.

Check the new gdevelop “animations” YouTube tutorial

Im sure it will help you :slight_smile:

If you can screen snip your events, we can point out the cause of the problem. Also include an explanation of what you’re trying to achieve. It helps to work out where it’s going wrong.

There’s the screen shot, in the candle section where it says the animation of “thedark” is spread and is finished,
I set the animation of “theshadow” to “formation” and the animation of “Skully” to “turning”, in the next two groups I tried to make it so when those animations finish respectively, the “talking” and “idleleft” animation starts and will loop, but instead “formation” and “turning” loop even though they are not set to loop.
And thank you for your help @MrMen

I fix the problem! For reference for others, I used a repeat once condition, you can find it in the other conditions under advanced in event and control flow. Thank you for your help though!

Thanks for sharing your solution. For those who read this thread, the repeat once condition @Kawaiikaijuu refers to is the Trigger Once condition (just clarifying to avoid any confusion for newbies).