[Solved] Problem with enemy's line of sight

I’m trying to make every enemy’s line of sight flip toward my player character, but, can’t do it right. Below is a screenshot of my event editor:

Additional screenshot:

The enemies are flipped toward the player, but not the line of sight.

Ditto, but the all the lines of sight flipped toward the player (including those outside the screen).

The Stick behaviour keeps an object at a particular position relative to the target’s origin. When you flip horizontally, you aren’t moving the origin, just mirroring the image.

When you create the LineOfSight object, also link it to the Enemy object.

When you flip the enemy, you’ll also need to reposition the LineOfSight object linked to it.

Can you explain a little bit more? I’m not so sure what that all means?

Here’s a video on how to do it from Wishforge Games - he does a great job explaining it.

After watching the video, and applying some changes, I finally did it. Though, there’s a problem, I can’t make them shoot. But that will be another story, thanks a lot, MrMen.