-SOLVED- Problem with layers.

Hi, I’m having some problems with the layers, I tried modifying the “layer” value on created objects using numbers from something like 1 to 3, is this the proper way to do it?

If I create layers I can’t find a way to modify anything on them, like telling gdevelop which layer goes first or anything.

Some help would be appreciated.



When you create a layer, you can name it pretty much anything you want. If numbers are easier, that works.

Then you’ll be able to pick the name from a list that will drop down under object properties > layer setting and also in any events that involve layers.

To put the layers in a certain order, open the layer editor panel and drag to move them up or down.

Sometimes you have to change the Z order of an object if it is showing/hidden in a way that you don’t want, especially if the layer order is already as desired.

I hope that helps.