[SOLVED] Problem with stick controller - how to block the "slip" of the crouch?

Hello, let me try to explain my problem, I am making a platform game, and I am enabling gamepad control. The problem is in the “down” movement. Using the keyboard, I was able to lock the movement to the left and right, when the player presses down, putting an opposite “force” when he tries to press down and left / right at the same time. But, when I enabled the left stick of the gamepad, and I do the same movement, the character lowers, but it is not locked in this position, the analog stick makes it “slide” to the left or right, and I was unable to use the same “force” technique ". How could I prevent this “slide” from the sides with the analog stick?

Oh, gosh, I found a very simple solution, I’ll post it here in case anyone goes through this problem, and I’m sorry for this newbie mistake :slight_smile:

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