(Solved)Problems with Falling through platforms using Platformer Character and Platform behaviors

When I start the preview the character fall and teleports through the platform sprite:

The only thing that worked was completely disable Gravity for the character, but I need it.
The floor also has a platform behavior.
PlatformerCharacter behavior settings:

(Also events if you need them)

I will be very thankfull if you could help

Is the animation one sprite, or does it have a number of frames. If it has a number of frames, make sure the hitbox for each of them has the same bottom edge.

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There’s only one frame and animation

Do you have any other behaviours attached to the player object?

Are there any other events that do anything with the player object?

No, none behaviors except the PlatformerPlayer behavior

Oh, I just redid the hole preject and everything works fine now