[Solved] Procedural gen wiki tutorial help

so, i’m following
to see how it works for my survival game, however i cant find where the "tile"s are created? i’m up to part 5 of step 3, which is previewing the game and it should be making a column of tiles. i got it to work earlier today, but i forgot to save it and now i can’t get it working after starting again?

i had a look at the debugger, and it shows that the tiles are created, but i can’t see them anywhere, despite them being a completely black sprite
(one click)

(two click)

i can’t figure out if i’ve done something wrong or is this part of the wiki just outdated? i got it working a few hours ago but forgot to save so i’m not sure

I have no idea why it doesn’t work for you, but I can confirm that your events should work and that there is no problem with the tutorial. I would suggest to make a new blank project and try again.

yea im not sure what the problem was, it works on the device i’m currently using though so idk