[SOLVED] Profile pic for online games

hi i don’t know if here is the place for asking this question but let’s try . . .
i want to create a profile picture with gdevelop like one of those that u can upload the picture in the app and then they scale it or something like that without loosing quality or getting a blurry picture . . . (like this forum user profile or social media profile pics)
i mean i resize the pic in gdevelop then picture goes blurry
is there anyway to avoid that ?

and what is the best resolution for a profile pic i mean how many times i should scale it (without loosing quality)?

And a question form previous topic i had
can i get the ip or mac adress of the devices with gdevelop ?

Sorry for bad english

GDevelop is not an image editor. I don’t understand why you want to use GDevelop for that.

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if you want to shrink images without losing quality, the solution is adobe photoshop.

it is also excellent for making sprites smaller before being loaded by GDevelop (with other editors, such as Psp, the image becomes blurred)


I think what he wants to do is that his players can choose an avatar from their phone/pc to use in the game. Like in all the messenger apps, forums, etc. And most of them offer simple zooming and cropping.

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Ty for answering :heart:
i’m working on a multiplayer game and want to player have their own profile i think you call it avatar pic

Ty so it’s zoom and crop i thought they scale down the picture for avatar . . .:heart:

ty :heart: yes that can be a good way but i think it’s not good for avatar i mean i have to take all of the image that uploaded by player then resize them manually . . . it’s lot of work