[SOLVED] Progress bar function

Hello is there a progress bar function like slider o switch?

Maybe you could implement a healthbar kind of thing, like the one explained by wishforge:

And instead of subtract then add “life/progress” to the progressbar if player for example is in collision with an invicible object.

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Thats the way I did the overall progress indicator for my runner/scroller

When the character collides with the trigger, the Sprite “Indicador_Mapa” moves 5 pixels to the right, using a tween.

In my case, it only happens if you have run for less then 30 triggers. If you have done it, then the next collides doesn’t count since you are in the boss battle. For tests, I made a cheat, pressing the “Y” key, you go directly to the boss battle, making the “Indicador” move to the end of the bar.

I hope it helps

Thanks for your answers.
I decide to try to write my first function similar to slider/switch functions.

I hope to finish it and that it can help other GDeveloppers.