[Solved] Proper Android Aspect Ratio?

What is the proper aspect ratio for landscape and portrait mode on android? I wanna make a game for android but I don’t know the proper ratio.

One of the most common aspect ratio used on smartphones is 16:9.

Stoicorum is right, 16:9 is pretty common.

Unfortunately, there is no uniformity between android device manufacturers, or even within the same manufacturer.

There are devices on the market at 16:9, 16:10, 18.7:9, 18.5:9, 19:10, and more.

I would recommend ensuring your game looks good at 16:9, then set up your scaling so the resolution doesn’t change and it adheres to the aspect ratio (scaling width and/or height). That’ll be the best you can do unless you’re going to set up your game to support multiple resolutions/aspect ratios.

Thanks for your help! Just one last question, my phone is a Galaxy J2 Pure. What would its aspect ratio me and what would that be in the gdevelop width and height? I do not have a way to convert these, so I am asking you.

Looks like the J2 pure has a resolution of 960 x 540. This appears to be 16:9.

Thank you very much! I really appreciate the help!

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