[Solved] Pushing Object for Platformer

Hi there, i just started using GDevelop for a few days now and i’m pretty new on game development in general, but i really enjoyed using GDevelop so far
Right now i wanted to make a platformer with some simple little puzzle like pushing object to use it as platform. I’ve learn about the platformer basics like movements, etc. but i don’t know how to move objects, can someone please tell me how to do that.

I would just use physics 2 behavior

Hi, thanks for the response
when i add the behaviour to the box, it fell trough the ground
I’ve never used the physics 2 before, so i don’t understand the settings
Do i need to put the behaviour in all object? or is there something else i need to do, so the box won’t fall trough the ground

Physic 2.0 have collisions on the object in behavior tab



The ground also needs to have the physics 2 behavior. Else they won’t be recognized (or better said their hotbox won’t be recognized) as existing for the physics engine.


It worked, thank you guys so much :hugs: