-SOLVED-Question about adding music to menus.


I’m trying to add music to a menu,

If I just create an event with an action that plays the song, the thing gets played infinite times which is really annoying and drives me crazy,

If I add a condition in a way the song starts along with the scene, the song never starts.

This is what I just tried and the song won’t start. What am I doing wrong?


Did you try to turn off looping?

Also, if you want it only on a menu button, I think it has to be an action under the mouse button touch condition.

I tried turning looping on but the song, it’s like it starts playing over and over and over again making a huge mess of sound, and no, it’s supposed to be the main menu theme.

Looping will make it play over and over.

If you want it to be the theme for your main menu scene, try moving the “at the beginning of the scene” condition to the top, not after the button events.

THanks it worked !

Woohoo! You’re welcome. :smiley: