[SOLVED]Question About GD scene management

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may i do a simple question…?

If i have eg 10 scenes, with 10 enemies each.How GD start the main Scene?
I mean, do it load the whole scenes with every enemies and then load the first one to play? Also about global Objects. Since they’re available to all scenes, do GD need to load them all when the game start? And when changing scene “while in game” do Global objects stays in memory?
Guess scene objects are removed when changed scene, but global not…is it correct?

Asking this to prevent future performance issues.


As far as I know, GDevelop in the past always loaded everything in the game into the start loading screen, including objects and audio (a preload had to be set in the Resources tab), which was very time consuming for web games with high definition resources.
Now, GDevelop only loads the resources of the first scene and the resources of other scenes in the background. If you move to another scene and the loading is not complete, another loading screen will appear.

That’s all I know.

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Thaz what i thought,
but what about global objects…When starting the game i guess it needs to load em cos they have priorities…or not?

Than global are loaded anyways
Ok thank you.
i didn’t see it on github

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