[SOLVED] Question about Transition Painter extension?

From the above event,
It paints my flash effect fine (I mimic the effect that looks like you are blinking your eyes)
But I’m curious that can it wait for a while when the flash forward direction is finished? Like you close your eyes then see a blank black screen for like 1 second
then slowly start the flash transition backward to slowly open your eyes.

What’s happening now is

  1. It slowly fade the screen to black.
  2. When it’s fully faded to black, it suddenly slowly fades the black color away to normal screen.
    At between number 1. and 2. I want it to keep the black screen for a number of seconds.

How do I do that trick?
Should I separate my transition into 2 parts (I think I should)?

  1. Flash direction forward
    [Here Add something to do the trick idk :dotted_line_face: :face_holding_back_tears:]
  2. Flash direction backward

I’ve had a similar problem before and I ended up ditching the behavior and creating the effect using a normal sprite and tweens so I can have full control over the effect.

I think the problem is that the behavior forces the shape to be cleared between frames, even if the “clear rendering between frames” is unchecked in the shape’s properties.

This workaround should work for you.

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Thanks, it worked perfectly

You can edit extension and simply set it to no

@RedMuffin You’re welcome!

@ZeroX4 It’s set like this in the extension for a reason, and changing it makes the fading not function properly.

I did not say you should
I said you can
Actually i think option for transition IN and OUT could be added with not much effort
So you could do all of that via configuration