[Solved] Quick structure or array question

I’m probably overlooking the answer but I can’t seem to find it. How much information can an array or structure hold?

If I have objects that have a structured variable, each with between 2 and 10 values to keep track of depending if they’re in use by the player or not, and if I turn their structure to json and append it to an array, and then turn that array into json and overwrite a child in my main scene variable: How many of these objects can I allow the player to possess? I am only using 32 in my example but am wondering what the cap might be.

In theory there’s no hard limit. There used to be a rendering slowdown in the IDE, but since the variable editor was redone, I’ve done some testing with an array with 200 index entries (0-199) that each have 5 child variables within them, with no issues.

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