[Solved] Quick way to create functions?

Hi all.

I’m coming back from using another engine, and they have a really great feature where you can right-click a highlighted set of Actions and create a Function with them. It’s really fast and convenient.

Last time I used Gdevelop, there was some friction to creating a Function. Is there a speedy way to create Functions now, like the example with a right-click? Or do we have to create an Extension and go through that wizard?


Yes, GDevelop has had extract to function shortcuts since the launch of GD5, I believe.

Note you’ll still have to clean up the event and define your paramters after extracting it, but it is part of the right-click menu.

How do you enable it? Right click on empty space?

Right click on any empty portion of the event box.

You cannot make just actions or just conditions into a function, it must be the entire event. (This is true for functions built from scratch, too.)

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Awesome thank you! It’ll be a huge time saver.