[Solved] Random Objects Falling at the same place

Hi guys. I just wanna ask, how do I randomly display falling objects. I have like 15 different kinds of objects that I wanna randomized falling in the same place.
Like every 2 or 3 seconds, an object would fall and another object would fall and so on.

The object isn’t being created :frowning:

Firstly you need to reset the timer “spawn”. after the first second, that condition is always true, so it’s constantly picking a random number. Also, are the objects being created on the right layer? Base Layer is default, I think. Might also be down to the objects behaviours, physics, etc.

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How do I create the object on the layer that I want? I tried running the code, and it was lagging a bit for some reason. So I guess it is being created behind my background probably.

On the screen where you Create the item, it allows you to choose which layer, At the bottom in ver 5.

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Thankkkkk youuuuuuuuu <3 it was the Z layer thing :slight_smile:

Cool, and you’re welcome!:grin: