[Solved] RandomInRange not working for Y

I’m experiencing a strange problem that I never did before with GDevelop.
I’m creating random objects based on a scene timer that is reseted every 1.5 sec. Every time the scene timer is >1sec, it creates an object. I created an event that this object should be created on X position: RandomInRage(100, 900) and Y position: RandomInRange (-600, -2000). The X position is working great, and the object keep being create in this range (100-900). However, the Y range is not working, and the object keep being created on the same Y everytime.

I’ve already used this events on a lot of games and this never happened before. Does anyone have a clue? Thanks

Because -2000 is smaller then -900 :wink:
Switch the range from -2000 To - 900

lol. I didn’t know this was a thing that influenced the event. It’s working now. So silly haha, thanks @Slash