[Solved] Reuse events for other scenes

How can I use bunch of events for many scenes? At first I used link external events and it works, then tried the same in the other scene but it didn’t work, then I read that external event only work for 1 scene.

External events can be used in all scenes. You must make sure that in each scene you add the link in the events section (it is on the top right with a + symbol, there you must choose to add the link and choose which external event). On the other hand, you must make sure that all the resources that involve the external events must be in each scene where you use them (objects, groups, etc). For that you can also make the objects global (groups too).

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Some of the events works and some didn’t, if an objects is set as global then the external events can work with that object in any scenes right?

That’s correct, also you need to add the Groups if you already have groups of objects into the scene you need to add those groups to all the scenes.

When I tried with simple events in a new project it works.

There must be some mistakes somewhere because there is quite a lot of events going on, I am gonna check it carefully where the problem is.

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