[SOLVED] Rotate an object at grid snap

I use the Rectangular grid extension with 20x20 cells and a 20x40px sprite.
When I set the object to 90 angle, it rotates and I think the collision mask does too, but it doesn’t fit anymore, the sprite is between the cells and the ground lights up outside the object…
Maybe it has something to do with bounding box? (the blue frame that can only be seen at 0°)
Is there a solution? This is bad for various games with a grid.


The objects “Snap to Grid” on the top left corner of the bounding box, or position X 0, Y 0, of the object.

The object rotates and flips on the “Center Point”.

To make the object rotate on the same point it snaps to grid, move the “Center Point” to position X 0, Y 0. :slight_smile:

Hope that helps!


Ah great, it works👍

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Any time :smiley: Glad i could help!