[SOLVED]Save and Load Dialog Yarn

hi, I’m making a visual novel and I tried to create a method to save the current branch and load it.

It’s easy:

There’s a string variable that gets the current branch title and when you save the game write the variable in a storage.

When you load the game just restart the scene and it loads the storage, reads the text and stores it in the string variable (at the beginning of the scene). Then it starts the dialogue with this command “VariableString(NewScene)”, so it takes the title of the saved branch.

It works only if I don’t close the game; if I close it save won’t work.

That’s pretty weird and I can’t find out why…

Could someone please help?

I don’t see where LoadFrom is set to 1, but you should probably load the dialogue file before using its branches.


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oh thank you so much ^^