[SOLVED] Save/load stuff from arrays while using child index

I am trying to follow this tutorial

And i am perfectly able to achieve same effect
BUUT as soon as i try to shove in child index there
So instead of Save.Slot i go with Save.Slot[1] for example
It still saves i guess but loads all my objects in straight line from top left corner to bottom right

So i am wondering is it possible to even use child index in this case and i am doing something wrong?
Or nope?

For reference
Before loading

And after loading

I just noticed this

I changed it to Save.Slot[1]
But still same effect

The y position should be SaveSlot[1][Variable(Climb)+2]

It’s a sign you need a break - you’ve been staring at the screen too hard :smiley:

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When i finally write a book titled “My life with dyslexia”
I for sure will send you free copy

Works perfectly

My god idk how i can find this kind of crap in other ppl events but not in mine


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