[Solved] Scene changing issue

Hi. My text based game has an issue that when you click on a button that should lead to the next scene.instead it skips some scenes and gets in the wrong place. idk how to solve it. lPlease help. Thanks.

Can you post a screenshot of the events related to changing the scene. Is it changing directly to a specific scene or are you using String concatenation like “level” + Variable(currentLevel)?

What this basically does is when a button is clicked it changes the scene. But its buggy as mentioned above.

Interesting, well there would be no reason that the actual scene change event is not working, so that leads me to believe it has something to do with the conditions and text objects. My first theory is that some how the text objects are interfering with each other.

How does your game work exactly? Is it possible that a text objects could be secretly hiding behind/infront of other ones? For instance, when you click a certain text object does it always bring you to the same wrong scene, or is it totally random? Try clicking one of the text objects in the exact same place to see if it constantly takes you to the same wrong scene. Does the problem only occur on scene 9? Can you also include a screenshot of the scene editor window of the scene that is giving you the most trouble?

No text objects are connected to each other as theyre on different scenes. As i can understand its always going to random scenes. And all scenes seem to have the problem. i guess its related to the engone itself somehow.

I doubt it’s related to the engine, but then again it’s difficult to say without fully knowing what’s going on. If you aren’t able to figure out the problem, or if someone else doesn’t come along, you could always share the game as a .zip and I would be happy to go inside and try and figure out what the problem is.

Are they in the same position in each scene? If they are, then it will be the case of the mouse down condition being met as soon as the scene starts. So instead, try changing the Left mouse button is down to Left mouse button is released.

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Thanks! This fixed the thing.

Thanks! The problem got solved fortunately.

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