[Solved] Share button in GDevelop!

Is it possible to make a share button like the one shown in the photo?

I’m sorry the photo is not English.

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Try this extension: Share.zip


Thank you!!! Working!!!

@arthuro555 I have imported your extension however it doesn’t seem to be working for me. I’m trying it from and iPhone on Google Chrome. Is there currently any fixes for this? I can confirm the event is being called as the debug logs are firing.

So I can confirm this does work however the catch is you must deploy the site such that this is running on a https url as documented here: Navigator.share() - Web APIs | MDN.

In saying this I’m yet to get the promise to return successfully for the status?

Just noting here that after pulling my hair out for days there is a slight issue with single touch across all browsers. You will only get the share to work some of the time and not at all in some mobile browsers.

The solution is make sure you implement this with multitouch as per the multitouch tutorial. You will have to turn “Move mouse cursor when touching screen” to “no”.

A new Share extension has been added, you can found it in the app.