[Solved] Shopify Problem

Hey, atm I finished the tutorial viewable here: Shopify [GDevelop wiki]

Everything is exactly how it should be, though, when I test my game and press the button, it freezes the game… any help would be appreciated!

Open the Developer tools with CTRL+SHIFT+I in your game preview.
Go in Console tab and send here the content visible :slight_smile:

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Man this engine is perfect. Okay lemme go do that.

shopifytools.js:50 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘fetchProduct’ of undefined
at Object.gdjs.evtTools.shopify.getCheckoutUrlForProduct (shopifytools.js:50)
at Object.gdjs.Summoning_32RoomCode.eventsList0x5b6f38 (code0.js:1564)
at gdjs.RuntimeScene.gdjs.Summoning_32RoomCode.func [as _eventsFunction] (code0.js:1663)
at gdjs.RuntimeScene.renderAndStep (runtimescene.js:296)
at gdjs.SceneStack.step (scenestack.js:39)
at runtimegame.js:471
at gameLoop (runtimegame-pixi-renderer.js:427)

There is a issue with your Shop name or with the product id.

You use in the action for initialize the shop, “Shop” as shop name, and in your other action you use “Legend Heroes” :wink:

Also try to not use whitespace in shop name, and check if your product id is real.

Tyvm I’ll go and check that out

Hey it’s me again, so first of all, since I’ve added the shopify now there’s always a blank screen opening with my game, and, also, now it doesn’t freeze but nothing opens (shop). It’s just blank

I got it to work, it wasn’t loading the right string variable

Will this work well on mobile?

We need Help please, to me I see just blank page

Hello, please do not bump a 2 year old thread.

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