(SOLVED) Show layer when hover over an object (multiple of same object on scene)

So in my scene I have multiple Buy buttons (same object) and what i want to happen is when i hover over one of them, a “tooltips” layer is shown.

what actually happens is…nothing. this is my code

now i get why it doesnt work but im not sure how to get around it. ive tried using ‘for each object’ but it still doesnt work.

if anyone has any ideas on what i can do i’d appreciate it. thanks for reading!

If you think you know why it’s not working, it would be helpful to include that in your question.
(I know tone doesn’t always come across in text . I don’t mean this to sound harsh. Just a friendly “help us, help you”)

I think the problem is the inverted cursor is on try using a not condition with a non-inverted cursor is on inside it.

See this for more info


oh yes sorry! it didnt work because there were many of the same object on screen so because i wasnt hovered over all of them at the same time, nothing would happen.

also i tried using the NOT condition and it now works. thank you! :smiley:

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