[SOLVED] Simple BBText code condition not working ? Oo

Hello everybody,

I am struggling with something I thought would be very simple … pretty sure I am missing something obvious !

I have a scene with a textinput linked to a BBCode Text to display what players are typing.

Then I check if they press the Return key to validate their input.

I’ve add another temporay BBCode Text object to check if this part works. It does ! My tempochecktext is indeed set to “entered” (check further code linked).

Then, I want to check if the proper text was being inputed. Lets says “next” is a proper command to be typed and everything else isnt working.

So I check both if my tempochecktext = “entered” and my getttextinput =“next” to trigger something, lets say a scene change and … its not working !

if I delete this line "txt The BBCode text of getttextinput = “next” it is working.

Any ideas ? Drives me crazy =p

I think return is treated as a separate character. So the issue may be that getttextinput doesn’t actually = “next” it’s “next” + hidden return character.

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It’s working ! Thank you soooo much !

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