SOLVED: simple level screen

i would like to learn how to make a screen that displays the title of the level before the player enters the level. something that would appear for 3 seconds or so then jump right into the level.

i know how to set up scenes, i know how to do the text for the level titles, but iā€™m not sure how to get a timer to start and then at the end of 3 seconds change the scene?

thanks in advance for the help! :slight_smile:

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It is super easy, 1 event only.

If Timer "timer_name" is > 3 seconds : Change to scene "scene_name"
As soon the event is triggered, GDevelop going to create the timer and start counting. You need to do nothing but add the event.

You can also store the scene name in a global variable so you need only 1 of this scene and pass the name of the scene you want to go to from the global variable to both the text object displaying the name and the action to change the scene. So you can re-use the same scene for this purpose between all scenes.

Take a look at the splash screen example included with GD to get an idea though it is not using a timer but instead check the opacity of the logo but that is also a way to do it if you want to add something to the screen to fade out.

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ddabrahim works perfect thank you! just what i was looking for!

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