( SOLVED) Sine behaviour and circle movement

using the “sine” behavior I get an object (a spaceship) to spin in circles. What I have not achieved is that the spaceship rotates at the same time that it moves in circles.
The first thing I do is set a point on X and Y as the center. And then give spin speed to the object.
I put an 8-direction behavior on the object but I don’t get it.
I need to know what instructions I have to apply to the object so that I know what angle the object is at and rotate to that angle.
This is a translation, I hope you understand.

Is something like what you are looking for?


If yes, please check the “How To?”.

How To?

You do not need 8-directional movement for this to work! Just these 2 lines should make it work.

Just change the 100 is the second event to whatever the speed you picked in the sine behavior.

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That was exactly what he was looking for. I would never have found it.
Now I will test on my computer. And I’ll ask you more questions.

I have lost example.
I need it again, please

Was it something like this?

Thank you so much. But this is not what I was looking for. What I wanted was the example above ( OongusBoongus) .

That I lost it And now it is not active.
What I want is for an object to perform a semicircular movement. Or, if you prefer, I want the object to move in a “U” shape:

Thank you.

Solved. I used ellipse and sine behaviour

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