[SOLVED] Small bitmap text problem with line spacing

Hi! I’m learning to use bitmap text objects but I have a problem.
There isn’t enough space between lines (you know, vertically)! In my understanding, I have to set these kind of things up when creating the bitmap text files in snowb. How ever, when I mess with the spacing, the text starts glitching when imported to gDevelop. What’s wrong? How do I fix this? Thanks

Update: I’m almost sure those padding and spacing options don’t effect how the font actually looks when used. How do I change the line space then?

Snowb’s Padding and spacing options are for your bitmap atlas, not your font appearance. (Everything within the “layout” section is for the atlas)

The font spacing is based off the original TTF file. As far as I know you cannot modify that without having a font editor of some kind.

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It needs to be done so I guess I’ll go and figure it out.