(Solved!!!) Small problem with ladder, any idea?

Hi guys, i suppose that everybody knows how a ladder use to work in most of the games, you can go up and down, and you can stand on the top, and then go down again… I wanna stand in every place of the ladder, so i solved it using the event you can see in the picture… But when i arrive to the top of the ladder, i just fall to the bottom… Seems that i can’t do nothing with it because is the way the ladder works… To solve it, i put on the top a jumptrhu platform, so nice i can stand on the end of the platform, but then comes another problem, when i’m on the top above the jumptrhu platform, i can’t go down to the ladder again… So, or with the ladder i can’t stand on the top, or with the jumptrhu platform i can’t access to the ladder again when i’m on the top… :cry: :cry: fucked by both sides… Any idea for this?

What about deactivate the platform automatism of the jumptrhu platform colliding with the ladder, when the player is on that ladder, and of course reactivate it when he is not? :slight_smile:

If i catch your idea but you are telling it in wrong order, it must be.

When i am in the ladder - “Object top ladder” is jumpthru. (so i can go thru it)
When i am NOT in the ladder - “Object top ladder” is a ladder (so i can go down)

It’s a very good idea i didn’t know we can change the properties of the objects, unfortunatelly is not working… whith this configuration first it’s quite hard to go to the top, because the player falls thru the ladder a lot of times… And also when i’m at the top i can’t go down still, seems that the program don’t let you begin a ladder from the top… :cry:
Hard to solve this…

I’m talking about something like:
LadderPlatform.zip (9.93 KB)

:astonished: :astonished: :astonished: hahah, wow lizard you are really good with this!! :mrgreen:
I understand what your did, i didn’t know about the activate/deactivate behavior (and if i did it would take me a time to realize :S) i was using the changing behavior from platform or ladder or jumpthru…
Really brilliant lizard, thanks a lot you’re helping me a lot, i’m quite close to have something!! As soon as everything is programed i’ll make a test in mobile and web, and then i’ll be able to begin creating the 100 stages i want :laughing: .
Thanks again men :sunglasses: