[SOLVED] Smooth camera movement

I’ve followed this tutorial before

I created a new project, added a shape and these are all the events, but the camera doesn’t move, is there something I’m doing clearly wrong?

There is a behavior now that does this automatically as well. I find it much easier to use than lerping the camera.

If you search through the behaviors for “smooth camera” you should find it. Add it to your player and you are good to go. It has a nice number of parameters to adjust to your liking.

Thank you, but I wanna know why it doesn’t work, since I’ll be using the lerp function more

Make new project with new player and follow that tutorial
I just did and it works perfectly fine
And then you can compare what is different between your new project and old project

It worked but I can’t find any difference between this project

And that means there is something different
You just did not look close enough

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