(Solved) Spawn at multiple selected locations randomly


How do I create objects at multiple selected locations randomly?
I was looking for something like "create object at position (a or b or c or d)
Any help pls.

Take a look here How to spawn enemies - #8 by UlisesFreitas

  1. Create a scene variable.
  2. Set it to a random value at the beginning
  3. Don’t forget to re-set the value before an enemy needs to spawn (ex: after killing an enemy)
  4. Now when you make the enemy spawn system check the variable.
    If the value is 1 : create object at position a
    If the value is 2 : create object at position b
    If the value is 3 : create object at position c
    If the value is 4 : create object at position d

As you’re updating the variable each time before spawning an enemy, Your enemy will spawn at random position. (In a range you define)

This is how you set a variable to a random integer in a range: