[SOLVED] Spawning objects anywhere barely off-screen?

I’ve recently-ish started using this app, & am trying recreate a game I made in Scratch. Essentially, enemies would spawn from anywhere that’s just barely off-screen. I’m having issues trying to recreate that exact part. At the moment, I’ve created small rectangular sprites that will act as spawning zones for the enemies (those are what the mentions of “EnemySpawnzone” are), but the enemies only seem to spawn on one of these rectangular sprites

From what I gather from your event screen shot, you’re not specifying which EnemySpawnZone to use, so I think it’ll default to the first one it finds. There are a number of ways around this.

The one I’d look into is to give each a EnemySpawnZone a unique id as an ObjectVariable (say UniqueId which is sequentially numbered from 0 up).

Then use a condition EnemySpawZone.Variable(UniqueId) = RandomInRange(0, [max UniqueId]) before spawning the Enemy1.

Something along the lines of :