[SOLVED] Spawning sprite from horizontal side

I have seen tutorials of spawning sprite and moving it as an enemy in the hero’s direction. I don’t understand where I am going wrong. The sprite spawns one time and doesn’t spawn again. I used timer but did not get any solution. Did I forget something or is it something else?

Hi, the problem is your timer. In the good old times when the tutorial was probably made, you did not need to initialize the timer before using it. This is different now.

So for your case you want to start your timer in a block with the condition: At the beginning of the scene. Then you set the time condition in another block, spawn the enemy and reset the timer (that’s what you already have). You can read about that here and see a basic example: Timers and time [GDevelop wiki]

Yes, it worked! Thanks a lot for your help. I will make sure to read more about it.