[SOLVED] Sprites won't save correctly

I’m using a complex saving system that works perfectly fine, but the sprites for the inventory disappear, the layer isn’t the problem, it’s the specific sprites that are disappearing, either the save is messed up, or the code, but I can’t figure out what’s happening, I came to the conclusion that the sprites are hidden behind the inventory slots, the slots turn into the regular inventory slots when a sprite is colliding with them on the inventory layer, and revert back when they aren’t.
(Without inv)
(With inv)

I added the one on the bottom to test to see if it wasn’t on the inventory layer, and was somewhere else, but it seemed to be on the inventory layer.
Please help, I suspect it’s saving the ZOrder wrong, but I’m not sure.

I ran the game and found this!
I know what to do now, sorry about posting something that’s useless, but if you’re reading this then always check the debugger while previewing!