(Solved) Star Gatherer Prototype problem

I am working on a simple prototype.

I have a player which is a typical 2d square. Attached to each side there is a “bumper” that will help detect collision for different types of stars, so that if you want to get a blue star, you can only get it if the star touches the side of your player that matches.

I got my bumpers to rotate with my player, but I don’t want my player/bumpers to rotate gradually, instead I want immediate quarter turns, exposing a different side each time.

I created a rotation system where if the variable is 0 it should rotate to 90º, when the variable is 1 then it should rotate to 180º, etc… but as you can see it takes me to the 180º rotation, skipping the 90º degrees.

How can I make it so that the system respects each quarter turn?? I really can’t figure it out

Guys I kind of figured it out myself the answer was adding timers!