[Solved] State toggle loop?

I want to make the UI to show and Hide when I press Tab.

But what’s happening is:

Tab key released
The scene variable UI = 0

Show Layer UI

Tab key released
The scene variable UI = 1

Hide Layer UI

But these events both active as soos as the variable changes state. Thus creating a loop that in the end, does nothing.

I know there’s a way to go about this by adding in a another variable that acts as a barrie for this, but I can’t seem to figure it out. Pls help.

Create a new scene variable and named it: GoInto

_condition (level 1): key released → action GoInto = FALSE
.L subcondition ( level 2): UI = 0 → action: UI = 1 and GoInto = TRUE.
.L subcondition ( level 2): UI = 1 and GoInto = FALSE → action: UI = 0

It’s the GDevelop ELSE command workaround

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Or you could just use the toggle Boolean for a Global, Scene or Object Variable.

As @jumpingj says you can do something like this.

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Yeah @jumpingj is right
You need a condition to check if the scene variable is on or off

You can find a full guide about that topic there:


Ty you so much you guyz :+1: