[Solved] Sticker behavior help

First up, thanks for any help you can offer. It’s appreciated!

What do I want to do?
Have an object (in this case a plank of wood) with 2 other objects (screws) on it.
The player has to tap / click both of the screws to remove them. (i.e. tap on one screw, it vanishes. tap on the other screw, that one then vanishes.)
When both of the screws are removed, the plank of wood will fall offscreen.

What’s the problem?
Well, I have the ‘tap screw and screw will disappear, allowing the plank of wood to fall down’ part done.
The only thing is, I have no idea how to make it so the player has to remove both screws for the plank to fall.
The current problem is that all it takes is removing one screw and the plank will fall.

Game example -

Included is a screenshot of the events. Though not sure how much that’ll help anyone.

The screen shots help a lot.

The solution below assumes there may be more than one screwed plank.

  1. In the settings of the plank_1 physics behaviour, change type from Dynamic to Static

  2. Use the following events:

Glad to hear the screenshot helps.

Okay, so, I made the changes, but now nothing responds when clicked / tapped on when I preview this level.

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, unless I’m using a different / wrong version of GDevelop? I’m on version 5.3.201 if that is relevant.

Just to be sure (since this is the beginning steps for this level) I went and deleted the actions and conditions for everything else so only what you screenshotted is there.

  1. You haven’t stuck the screw to the plank
  2. The condition needs to be inverted (that’s what the red circular symbol means)
  3. change it to dynamic, not static. Static isn’t affected forces, dynamic is.

Although this didn’t quite work out the way I was hoping it would, and since it seems like GDevelop is being insistent on ‘only 1 screw icon out of 2 removed? Kay! Let the plank fall! WEEE!’, I managed to find a way for this to work.
The plank won’t move unless it’s got 2 screws on it.
Though it will fall if only one of those is removed.
Simple solution? Put the two screws close to one another, make them transparent images, place them close together, place a separate object on top that can be seen. Make it so that top image will delete itself when touched / clicked.
That way the player will think they’re only tapping / clicking on one screw icon.

Tad bit messier than I was aiming for, but hey, I’m not complaining since it’s achieving the goal I was going for.

Thanks for your help with this, MrMen!
You really have helped a lot and now I don’t feel so stuck with this!

You need to check that your events match what I have in mine.


This event needs to be inverted. An inverted condition can be taken as the condition not being met. So that condition inverted means “There are no screw1 objects colliding with the Plank_1 object”.

To get this, right click on this condition, and select “invert condition”

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AH! That’s what was missing!!

I just did what you said, right click and invert condition, checked the preview and OMG! THAT’S IT EXACTALY!

AH! I forgot to include a preview of the game so you can see it, too.


It works! Thank you! I never would’ve thought about right clicking there to invert the condition. (So much stuff I don’t know about this program.)
Thank you so much!

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